Home news 'Heritage-harming' ice rink approved in Southampton

'Heritage-harming' ice rink approved in Southampton


An ice rink is to be installed next to medieval towers and walls despite concerns from a conservation group it would “harm their significance”.Historic England said the rink would “detract from the aesthetic and architectural” importance of the Town Walls near WestQuay, Southampton.The city council conditionally allowed the attraction to run for seven weeks over the Christmas period.It said the rink would “allow visitors to appreciate the wall close-up”.

In a statement, Historic England warned visitors would have a “compromised experience” of the Scheduled Ancient Monument.It said: “Harm is greatest from the extension of the ice rink and chillers southwards… and from the addition of buildings adjacent to the Town Walls.”Councillor John Savage, who chaired Tuesday’s planning meeting, said the “entirely appropriate” attraction was in keeping with other temporary rinks in historic locations, including one in the grounds of Winchester Cathedral.”People who visit the rink will have much more opportunity to see the walls and the historic architecture,” he said.The attraction was approved in principle, unless the council receives objections that are “new in nature” by 27 October.The rink, in the newly-opened Public Plaza next to the WestQuay shopping and leisure complex, would operate from 11 November until 2 January.

Source: BBC Hamp