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Police 'should monitor paedophile hunters', says family of accused


The family of a man who apparently took his own life after a video sting by so-called paedophile hunters was posted online is calling for police to monitor these groups more closely. David Baker, from Wickham, Hampshire, was arrested and questioned by police after the sting by TRAP Community, and released under investigation. Four days later, on 7 October, he killed himself, his family said.They have urged police to give hunters “rules and guidance”.Police have previously admitted they may have to work with vigilante hunters after figures obtained by the BBC revealed a rise in their evidence being used in court.However, they also said they did not condone their work, and added it could compromise operations.’Repercussions’In the videos of Mr Baker, he is accused of arranging to meet a 14-year-old boy for sexual purposes.One member of his family, who wanted to remain anonymous, said she thought hunters “acted too quickly and too fiercely without thinking of the repercussions”.She said they were also putting the lives of family members, including young children and vulnerable adults, at risk, before any charges were brought.”They shouldn’t need to be public heroes,” she added.She continued: “[Police] should be working with them so they can give them their rules, tell them how their processes need to be, give them the guidance.”Hampshire Police said it referred the case of 43-year-old Mr Baker to the Independent Police Complaints Commissions (IPCC), but added it did not meet the threshold for an IPCC investigation.The force is now carrying out its own internal investigation.TRAP Community said its priority was to stop children being abused.It said it had since removed the videos from social media “as a sign of respect to his family”.
Source: BBC Hamp