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Titanic victims and survivors honoured with plaques


Plans to commemorate crew members of the Titanic with plaques at their former homes have been revealed.Southampton City Council hopes about 100 plaques could be put up in the city to honour those who survived or lost their lives on the ill-fated journey.RMS Titanic set sail on its maiden voyage from the city on 10 April 1912 and sank five days later.Up to 550 of the 1,500 passengers and crew who perished were from Southampton.Eight of the men who died lived on the same street – Malmesbury Road.

The council said it was contacting residents “at a number of locations” in the city, living at addresses where crew members lived, to seek their permission to erect a plaque.Each plaque, costing £60-70, will be paid for through the mayor’s charity fund.Southampton city councillor Cath McEwing said it was hoped two of the plaques could be placed on properties in Bitterne, where two of the survivors lived. Ms Ewing said it was important for the community of Southampton to remember its past.’Tourist attraction'”At one school there wasn’t one class where a person wasn’t affected,” she said.”Every child had been affected either through a father, brother, uncle or cousin being killed in that tragedy.”RMS Titanic had been four days into a week-long trans-Atlantic crossing from Southampton to New York when the supposedly “unsinkable” ship struck an iceberg on 14 April 1912.The ship sank less than three hours later at around 02:20 on 15 April.
Source: BBC Hamp